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Is so Much Fees for Divorce Lawyers in Mumbai Worth the Fight?

on Aug 20, 2018
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Observing the divorce patterns in Mumbai, adultery, extra-marital affairs, cruelty, dowry, impulse live-in relationships and lot many other contributing factors have enveloped the city and its citizens in this fast-paced decision of separation. With no one ready to find harmony in their relation, even good divorce lawyers in Bandra, Mumbai have failed in resolving conflicts between couples, since they have made up their mind to part ways. In the process, many are seeking for evidentiary support their claims with the help of lawyers and many are still fighting their case for a successful legal separation or child custody or alimony? But is this even necessary? Don’t you wonder whether all this is needed?

Vandana Shah, reputed amongst the female divorce lawyers in Mumbai runs a programme where she supports and guides women for free. Fighting for a woman’s right is the empowerment she aims to provide but even she has addressed many divorce matters suggesting her clients that when the fees for divorce lawyers Mumbai starts sounding like an equated monthly installment of a big loan, it could be better for the woman to use that money to rebuild her life than fight the court case. She believes in making her clients aware of certain reality checks that any other unsuitable divorce lawyer in Mumbai will contort. She says, “If a woman plans to find a suitable partner soon, it's better to drop the case and move ahead in her life. 


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