How effective is using social media as a selling platform for B2B businesses?

Social media has awakened the world of digital marketing services well lately. All of a sudden, marketers worldwide are obsessed with the idea of working with their audience through social media. Also, research has shown that B2B lead generation marketers put social media in second place with 40% of the votes. Henceforth it is absolutely fine with using social media as an offering platform for B2B services, granted it is significantly more difficult than the B2C business generation services. 

According to the results we have also seen many very successful initiatives and gathered the statistics for social media marketing services

  • 57% of the purchase decisions are taken before the customer comes into contact with the provider. 
  • 80% of the decision makers of a company prefer to receive information about a company through articles than through advertising.
  • 94% of B2B buyers first examine a product online before buying it.

However, many B2B companies do not know how to handle this and are unable to achieve their desired results in terms of social media. Why? Below are a few possible reasons, including trends and shifts that can be expected for 2018.

  • Lack of proper strategy:

More and more companies are adopting social media marketing, but many without a strategy. It is necessary to know that a perfect strategy helps to turn our targets into concrete plans and to achieve these goals effectively. For this reason, you need to think carefully and develop a coherent strategy for the following 3 questions: 

  • what do you want to achieve?
  • how do you want to tackle it?
  • what are the available resources? 

Because this year, the number of users of social media has increased by about 11%, in other words, 219 million people have joined. Social media access via mobile has also grown by 17%, which means that there are now 283 million users. 

  • Focus on the customer experience

Customer experience is of course very important in B2B marketing. A report from McKinsey shows that B2C companies have an assessment of 65% to 85% in terms of customer experience, while B2B lead generation companies only achieve an average of less than 50%. This is exactly why we can expect more B2B marketers to focus on this next year. For this, the company obviously has to have a strong presence on the social media, websites, and blogs. It also means that we have to ensure that our website and other platforms are adapted and user-friendly.

  • New advances in social media advertising

Nowadays, users are flooded with advertising so they hardly ever look at it. For this reason, you must ensure that your advertising catches the eye and the users feel like watching it. With the aid of SMM Services now generate about $ 11 billion in sales a year. Here social websites are increasingly implementing new functions that test the wisdom of marketers. So keep an eye on the most important social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn and stay with the novelties. The goal is to reach your target group better – so make use of it.

Written by Mounika Devi
Mounika Devi is an experienced digital marketing services provider with a handful of experience in reaching the stars with her innovative tactics. She has a flair for presentation, a knack for social media and a way for digital marketing. Succeeded in online advertising campaigns that produced tremendous media buzz and built an influential online reputation for many substantial brands. Always up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in online marketing. She crafts top-notch content that comes within her to solve the queries and assists the brands to scale up. Her blogging skills are just banged on to the enthusiastic digital marketing learners. Rank Evolve is a tech-driven digital agency, one of the initial invaders of the digital marketing industry in Hyderabad, we’ve worked with the finest of brands. Mail me: