How to Develop Mobile Apps for Schools Key Features & Cost

Mobile applications are a go-to for almost everything that we do. Be it shopping, exercising, chatting, traveling or anything that can be done quickly with a mobile app. The mobile app sensation is showing no signs of slowing down.

In fact, mobile apps developers are building apps for schools. School apps are quite in demand because of the fact they make things easier and even more accessible. Such apps have advanced functionalities that streamline all the processes together. There are apps available for everything, but mainly, school apps have made things a lot easier both for students and parents.

Currently, unlimited app features are available for school apps. But, if you add multiple functions, then you will fail to deliver a promising app to the users. Always be concise and limited when it comes to features. Add less but full of quality. It will let users enjoy a smooth app experience. If you are also planning to develop a school app to manage your school activities, then this guide is for you.

Features of a School Mobile App

  • Parents Panel
  • Students Panel
  • Platform Selection

Cost of Developing Mobile Apps for School

The cost of developing a mobile app varies because it is associated with various factors, including the developers’ location.  However, here is an estimated cost structure to get you an idea:

If you are hiring developers within the USA, then your cost will be somewhere around $100 to $250 per hour.

In case, if you are approaching Eastern European developers, then you have to pay $80 to $180 per hour.

Indian developers will charge around $70 to $180 per hour.

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