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How to easily get Roku Link Code to get started 

In order to enjoy watching your favorite streaming services, you have to link the activation code to your Roku account. But for new users, it is important to know how to get the Roku link code.

For new users, activating the Roku device and started enjoying the Streaming service is a complicated task. To ease the task, one of the reputed customer support services has come up with the detailed procedure to set-up the Roku device using Roku Com Link. So, let’s start with a short introduction of Roku service.

Introduction to Roku 

Roku is a celebrated streaming device that enables the people to watch hundreds of favorite streaming channels offering interesting digital content on a regular basis. This device is being connected to your home TV. To stream the digital content, the device uses your home network connection. There is a specific method to activate the Roku service. The process starts with connecting the cables with TV, power adaptor, router, and Roku device. Let’s start with how to get Roku Link code that is imperative to activate the Roku service.

Step by step procedure to get Roku Link Code;


  • Login into your registered Roku account
  • Enter the URL You will get a Roku Link code
  •  Enter the link code displayed on your Home TV
  • Click Submit



This is the first step towards Roku Com Activate on your TV. Now it comes to Roku Com Link Setup.


  • Create a new account by filling the required information.
  • Choose your PIN preferences. Click ‘Continue’.
  • At next page, provide payment information


    • Add some channels to your account. Click Continue


  • Your selected channels get updated


  •  Your Roku device is activated now

HTTPS My Roku Com Link is needed to open when it comes to getting the link code as we discussed above. The method of activating the Roku device differs from other devices. It’s why the users get confused and seek for assistance, which they get at Roku customer support. Most of the new users find difficulties. To help out the users, Roku Customer support is introduced by an arena of online customer support.

We hope the information we shared is worthwhile for you. We are eager to listen to you about your experience of watching streaming service and getting customer support.

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