Keep Safe Your Home Pest Control and Barriers

Moisture Control SC


Pests can be a nuisance in and around your home or business. Aside from being harbingers of disease or allergies, they can send negative publicity your way, necessitating the need to counteract a stained reputation with costly marketing campaigns. Moreover, when left unchecked, the activity of vermin, in particular, can also result in physical property damage worth thousands of dollars. That leads to an essential question about whom to call when you encounter a bug problem.

Vapor barriers are recommended for all homes especially older homes to keep dampness under control. This thin sheeting creates a barrier between water and your home. When applied professionally and uniformly, all across the dirty areas and up the crawl space walls, it keeps the water in its place, in the soil.

These vapor barriers also limit the moisture level in the wood in your crawl space. Moist wood is very appealing to termites. Wood rot provides them a nice tasty meal.

If the moisture content in the wood in your home in your crawl space is tested and results in a 20% level or higher, termites can exist even with professional treatment. That’s why your First Choice Pest Control technician may recommend a combination of chemical treatment, bait stations and moisture barrier to keep the termites away for good.

  • Energy efficiency, better maintaining a controlled climate while saving on energy cost.
  •  Prevent the deterioration of the building materials (wood, insulation) by moisture.
  •  The moisture barrier protects against condensation.
  •  Health problems caused by molds.

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