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How to choose zirconia sintering furnace?

The difference of zirconia sintering furnace is not only based on brand and price. Heating element, sintering curve and temperature control precision are very important. So what kind of zirconia denture sintering furnace is best for your dental experiments?

  Suitable temperature

zirconia sintering furnace  should be noted that recent studies hav

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how to choose porcelain furnace

by kejia - Aug 15, 2017

The metal KaoCiYa is made of metal inner crown, as a support, after it on the surface of ceramic powder and natural tooth color is similar to the recovery of shape, baking in vacuum porcelain furnace. Porcelain and metal alloy are fused to form a porcelain crown. In clinical, the most common is cobalt chromium alloy porcelain teeth. The advantage o

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