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Derek Bluford

Derek Bluford is a name that stands tall on the list of successful entrepreneurs in Sacramento, California. Founder and investor of several companies in the city.

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Grateful to Derek Bluford for his help in getting Co-working Space

I was looking for a right co-working space in Florida and unfortunately found reference of Derek Bluford from search engine and asking them for help. He cordially invited me for their co-working space and had shown me various co-working spaces available in Florida. I selected one co-working space attached to coffee shop in discounted price. Now, I

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Startup of the Month: Derek Bluford Sacramento

Derek Bluford Sacramento is the serial entrepreneur, advisor, investor, and mentor. Focusing on helping today's underserved youth shape the future.

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Derek Bluford New York to open Coworking spaces throughout the nation

A new co-working space will be the latest addition to the 40 Acres complex in Sacramento’s Oak Park neighborhood.

Owners of Coffee and Coworking said space will cater to technology professionals and entrepreneurs, while also serving as a location for young people to pick up valuable tech skills like coding.  Read more

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Derek Bluford New York

Startup Quicklegal has won the first Sacramento Kings Capitalize contest, an entrepreneurial tournament put on by the team and Velocity Venture Capital. Derek Bluford New York

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Derek Bluford Florida

If Derek Bluford hadn’t come down with strep throat, he never would have tried a smartphone app that allowed him to immediately access a doctor.

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