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Camping Lanterns: What to Consider

Camping lanterns come in battery-powered, solar-powered, electric and hand-crank models, among other types. The type you should choose can depend on the number of batteries a lantern uses, the amount of light emitted, the number of hours it can operate and adjustability of light to make batteries last longer. The weight of a led camping lantern is also an important consideration.

Hours of Operation

The number of hours a led camping light can operate varies from 2.5 to 295. Solar-powered and hand-crank lanterns tend to have a shorter runtime. Battery-powered lanterns have the longest runtime. However, the ability to adjust the settings on a camping lantern is an important feature, because lower settings can save energy and allow a battery-operated lantern to work for a longer period. Some lanterns come with up to three settings, a strobe and even a nightlight setting. Because of the adjustable settings on many battery-powered camping lights, the runtime can depend on whether you have it on the highest or lowest setting.


The lumen rating on a lantern tells you how wide an area the lantern illuminates. The higher the number of lumens, the wider the area it can light up. The lumens in led camping lights frequently run in the 200s or 300s, which is adequate for many campsites, but some lanterns go up to 1,000 lumens.

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