That is without any help from EnviroMax

on Jan 09, 2018
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That is without any help from EnviroMax. To really do a believable test it needs to be done under controlled conditions with sophisticated and expensive equipment. The Attorney General of Texas filed an action against Bioperformance. That was according to statements made by the attorney general. Enviro-Max another one. That is exactly what they are. Don't believe the wild claims of these modern day snake oil salesmen. An average driver cannot scientifically make the comparisons they claim." He referred to them con artists.

The normal driving conditions of weather, traffic volume and stop light patterns have a tremendous impact on any days fuel economy. It seems, if you had put moth balls 12W UV Lamp Manufacturers into your gas tank you would accomplish the same thing as the fuel pill. As incredible as it may seem, there are still products out there that are making the same claims all over again. Unfortunately for Enviromax but fortunately for you, todays current engines actually burn gas with an efficiency of about 98 to 99 percent. They promise the same thing as the older fuel pill made by Bioperformance. One is MPG-Cap. Enviromax Plus claims that it makes gasoline burn more efficiently. It claims it will lower the unburned gas in your engine from 15 percent down to 1 to 2 percent.

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