Welding Cutting machine

Welding Cutting machine
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Plasma torch Manufacturers Some principal machine shop processes

posted by lissamrgr on May 21, 2018
tags: Plasma torch Manufacturers

auto-darkening helmet  A machine shop is a workshop where huge and influential machine tools and equipments are used to cut, shape, drill, and finish metals, plastics, glass, wood and other similar materials. Machining means to create a useful component (such as an engine block) from raw materials like aluminum, iron, glass etc. The procedures carried out in a machine shop are several elementary processes essential for the functioning of a developed society.Whereas, there are numerous specialized machine shop processes that are specific to particular industries, there are a few fundamental machine shop processes that are general and used commonly in most of the machine shops.

plasma torch Manufacturers  Some principal machine shop processes are: TurningTurning is performed on a machine names as lathe which has a revolving spindle to hold the raw material. When the raw material rotates, different tools are employed to cut, shape and drill the material; for instance, to convert a simple cylinder of plastic into a tapered and shaped table leg.GrindingGrinding is one of the last but very important processes in machining of materials. Grinding recovers the exterior of the material being machined; smoothes the rough edges, and ensures the uniformity of surface.

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