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What you Should know about  Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform?


The cryptocurrency Exchange market is that the booming topic for five years, trading within the cryptocurrency is increasing massively because the outcome from it's extremely cool. If you're unaccustomed the cryptocurrency market and trading , you want to understand the crypto-Exchange Platform, what square measure the benefits of investment and

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TradeStars Website Security

TradeStars protects your personal information and account data through Secure Information Transmissions. Listed below are key points of security.


  1. Credit card information and other sensitive information is never transmitted via email. TradeStars may use software programs to create summary statistics which are used to assess website traffic, tec
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Become A Full-Time Player On TradeStars


Anyone can be a full-time player on TradeStars. The all-new cutting-edge gaming platform allows you to trade without market risk. Become a full-time cryptocurrency or Forex trader playing daily games at TradeStars.

  1.   The TradeStars platform offers new games starting every hour, and more! Trade the morning, afternoon and night. New games avai
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TradeStars provides daily games to make picks in your favorite cryptocurrencies and the Forex markets. The TradeStars platform offers a revolutionary payout structure never before experienced. Win cash prizes by finishing in the money against other traders.The best trading performance wins even if you have a negative portfolio.

Simply finish ahead

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Gaming - The Future of Crypto and Forex Trading


Little bit about forex and crypto trading


The meaning of forex is nothing but the forex exchange. In other words, forex trading is trading the currencies among the different currency against each other. forex exchange market is the world’s centre for forex trading.  It needs to experience in the forex trading and forex market as it is a ver

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How To Play Tradestars FANTASY TRADING PLATFORM That Pays


Open your free million dollar TRADESTARS account and make your first fantasy picks!


Cash if you win, cash if you don’t ! Rank against other traders, not the market!

How to Play




Select cryptocurrency and forex games. Play for mi

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Best Crypto Derivative Trading Platform

by manashree - Mar 08, 2019



Try Our Mock Trading Platform today! It works just like the real one and lets you trade futures on bit.coin & altcoins



A derivative is a class of financial contracts that derive their  value from the performance of an underlying entity. Derivatives where this underlying is a cryptocurrency or a

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Fantasy Trading the Cryptocurrency and Forex Markets

by manashree - Mar 07, 2019 - forex gaming platform

Fantasy trading that pays cash prizes.



Buy or sell a million dollar account without taking market risk.


Frequent games and the TradeStars Leaderboard gives you multiple chances to win.


Compete against other traders. Finish “in the money’ to win cash prizes.



Start with free TradeStars games so you can earn w

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What is a Need of SEO?

You have already heard of SEO and worried about why you want the SEO for your business. SEO is not the latest trend in online marketing but is the continuous and ongoing process.

Importance of SEO?

  1. Visibility

All you want to get more leads to your business without spending money on advertising your product. This can be done by SEO only. Wh

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How to launch your ico with ico development company.

by manashree - Nov 12, 2018 - ico development company

We have more than a decade of experience in building and reviewing security applications. Our ICO software development company has been active in the blockchain industry for the past many years and we have not looked back since then. We assist innovative and exciting blockchain startups towards their complete ICO launch setup. Give us a chance to h

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