Need of a Website Designing Company in North Delhi

This question is no more an option to anyone, you need to have a website if you have to compete in any industry in today’s world, a website has become a necessity of the business world. Just a simple domain name and a few pictures are not trending anymore, the websites now are complex and they have a plethora of things within them. The foremost requirement is that your website should be very responsive that is it should easily load on the phone or tablet if this is not the case then your website might not show itself in the search engines at the top.

Thus, you need to create an online space that is easy and very attractive and for that, our Website Designing Company in North Delhi is here to help you out at each step.


Cost of the website through steps:

  1. Domain name: You will find a domain name for about $10 to $ 100 per year. A good web development company would charge you mostly around the latter but will also provide DNS management.
  2. Hosting: it ranges from about $ 50 to $1.200 a year.
  3. Custom design: ranges from $2,500 – $10,000.
  4. Shop cart integration: if you want shopping cart integration for your website the range would be between $200 – $15,000.
  5. Website Content Creation: ranges from $50-$200.

There are other things included as well such as

  1. Project management,
  2. Testing & training,
  3. Digital marketing setup and

Website managed services.

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