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The fishermen were baffled

on Mar 20, 2018


  It wasnt a feasible solution for them to make the tanks big enough for the fish to swim freely, but what if they gave the fish a real incentive to struggle to move no matter how closely they were packed?

  Finally the Japanese consumers were unable to taste the difference. As bringing the fish back to shore took longer and longer, they were also lying dead for longer and longer periods of time and the Japanese people could taste the difference..

  Well, the fisherman thought, what if we kept them alive for the entire trip back?

  So now they went to even greater expense to figure out ways to keep the fish in water during the entire trip back so that the fish would still be alive when they reached their port. That way as the fish were Curtain Fabrics suppliers caught and began to fill the hold the fisherman could immediately freeze them and preserve as much freshness as possible.

  As the waters became more and more over fished and captains were forced to go further and further out to sea, Japanese consumers were increasingly unhappy with the quality of the fish that was brought back.

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