A comprehensive guide on last mile delivery solution: Features, benefits, and future implications

How does it feel to get your order on the same or the next day? You feel special; however, this wasn’t the case earlier. The introduction of technology has totally disrupted the logistics industry. On the other hand it has also given birth to the eCommerce.

And today due to technology both logistics and eCommerce share a common link. The symbiotic relationship between logistics and the eCommerce is strengthened by this link which we call the last mile delivery.

But what exactly is last mile delivery and why does it matter? Let’s find out.

What is last mile delivery?

As the name suggests, last mile delivery is the last leg of the delivery process which takes place from the distribution center to user’s doorsteps. The last mile delivery can range from just a few blocks to 50 to 100 miles.

The prime objective of the last mile delivery is to deliver the package to the customers as quickly as possible. Last mile is considered as the most important element in the logistics and supply chain business.

It’s also the key to the customer satisfaction. Last mile is the most time consuming and expensive part of the whole shipping process.

So, if done right, it can save a massive amount of time and money which in turn can make your business both efficient and profitable.

original source : A comprehensive guide on last mile delivery solution

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