A Guide To Start Classified Business With A Classified Script

Classified businesses have their own long successful history as a business. Nowadays people prefer to go with the classified websites but in the past, the whole scenario was totally different. This business field was depended on print media to reach the potential buys and sellers. With the changes in time, online classified business took over that problematic way and made it simple for everyone. Now the current scenario is, in just a few clicks you can get whatever you want.

Understanding the Classified Business Model

The classified business model is very easy to understand. The classified script mainly works as a platform to connect the buyers and sellers. The buyers and sellers have to create an account and then they can simply put anything for sale or can purchase something that they need. Along with that, there are a lot of chances for a PHP classified script to earn from.

Features to Focus

If you start listing features, a long list can be prepared. But what to include in a Craigslist clone script to make it ideal and complete? Whether you want to acquire a Craigslist clone or OLX clone, there are a few features considered as main. Below is the list of ideal features of a PHP classified script that you can go with.

  • Synchronized Google Ads
  • Exact Categorization
  • Account Creation
  • Post Preview
  • Advanced Search Facilities
  • Save Presence Feature
  • Providing Apps
  • Show Popular Phrase


Source : Classified Website Development

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