Advance Reorder Shopify App

What is Advance Reorder Shopify Application?

Advance Reorder is the simplest method of putting the past order once again.

When you search for something on the web, you add it to your cart, put the order and you are finished. But in some cases, you experienced through the product which you like the most and you reorder again. It doesn’t imply that you login first, at that point search for it again and place an order. You just straightforwardly go through re-order tab and hit, Bingo! You submitted an order again.

What advantages you would get from Re-order function?

Ultimate Reorder inside a single click!As a matter of first importance, you can significantly spare time for your customers in re-ordering products. Rather than returning to the products page, login and place order of the products you wish to relish the order again, customers can now totally re-order the entire products in only a single click.

Make changes to any alternatives in the previous order!

At the point when customer taps on the “re-order” button, they can every one of the products of the specific order in the shopping cart and obviously, they can roll out any vital improvements identified to a product order.

Advance Reorder AnalyticsPresently you can see all repeat order total and revenue count, likewise, you can see all order listing in an analytic page.

Empower customers to keep on purchasing without wasting time and efforts!

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