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Messagizer offers an Automated phone survey, polling calls campaign service. You can call with our automated telephone polling facility, and also create timetables.

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Press-1 CampaignOne of the most popular applications for Newfies-Dialer is lead generation using live call transfers. Typically a contact is called, and listens to a recorded message putting the proposition to the contact, then offering the choice of pressing 1 to speak to an agent. The contact is then immediately transferred to an agent on a call centre telephone system. No changes or additions are required to integrate your existing call centre equipment.

With Newfies-Dialer you can run Press-1 campaigns to increase leads. It is very easy to transfer the contact to a call center but you can use the IVR features to perform different actions such as asking your customer to record a message. DNC (Do not call list) features are usually used with Press-1 Campaigns, you can find more details on DNC.

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