Cathay Pacific Cancellation Policy Guide

Cathay Pacific Cancellation Policy Guide

Travelers often face problems while they make cancellations with any airline. The foremost thing is that they worry about their refund and airlines cancellations policy. With Cathay Pacific Airlines, passengers can simply apply for cancellations and have to worry less for their refund amount. To know more about Cathay Pacific Cancellation policy, read this article till the end.

Cathay Pacific Cancellation Policy: Terms & Conditions

  • Cancellations for Cathay Pacific reservations must be made within the 24 hours prior to the flight departure date.
  • Booking can be made on Cathay Airlines website within the 7 days prior to the flight departure date.
  • In the case of flight time delay, Cathay Pacific Airlines will provide you hotel accommodation and transport services at the discount fares.
  • Re-booking(s) for the next flight can be made without paying any additional fee. However, if you have booked a Saver Ticket then you might have to pay for an extra fee. You can find the amount for an extra fee by entering your departure/arrival routes.
  • You can also re-route the route to your arrival airport via another flight.
  • For US travelers, the refund process takes 7 days and for other or Non-US travelers, it might take 15-20 days.
  • If the cancellations are made on the Cathay Airline’s part then you will get full refund without any deductions on fares, taxes, etc.

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