Entertainment Do you need a speaker setup for your PC?

Entertainment Do you need a speaker setup for your PC?

Do you need a speaker setup for your PC?

Investing in a speaker setup for your PC was absolutely necessary 20 years ago. But a lot has changed over the years as laptops have become the go-to computer of choice, more monitors come with their own built-in speakers, and headsets have become the de facto audio solution for gamers or those who want more than what a pair of laptop speakers can offer.

But, as far as headsets and headphones have come, and as much as they offer, they still have some limitations compared to a proper speaker setup. So, when it comes to getting the best audio experience out of your computer, there’s definitely a case that can be made for computer speakers. That’s especially true if you do more than just check emails and browse social media.

Get better audio

PC speakers in a content creator's setup

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If you do just use your computer mostly for basic tasks and only watch the odd video on YouTube or Facebook, then computer speakers are not going to add much to your experience. And, if you mostly use your computer while sitting on the couch watching TV, then opt for some headphones when you do need to listen to something.

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