Easy Troubleshooting Tips for IP Phones


Ip phones are a great communication system you can have for your business. It’s the most comprehensive system out of all the available options. If you experience any major problems, the office telephone system UAE can help you in this regard. Below some solutions to minor issues that you can deal with yourselves to ensure the smooth operation of your business communication.


Choppy call

Choppy or broken calls can result from the packet loss or latency of your internet provider network.  Do the following when facing it:

  • Check a few websites if they are slower than usual. If this is the case, then the problem probably lies in your ISP.
  • Doing multiple activities can slow down your network. In that case, pause the activities and see if the situation improves.


Hearing echo

Hearing echo on your phone means you hear your talk is playing back to you. Try the following approaches to solve the problems.


  • Ringback the number and check if the problems still persist.
  • Ask the person to use a different phone.

Not hearing a dial tone

You can take the following steps to remedy this issue.


  • Ensure phone adapters are properly plugged in.
  • Try disconnecting and then again reconnecting phone cable.


These are just simple troubleshooting tips for a common everyday problem. If still, you can’t solve the solution then you will need to contact an expert.

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