Do you know the battery of your device including Windows 10 laptop or tablet is the most essential elements of hardware. Eventually, a batteries life span cut downs and with the period of time its ability of holding charges reduces. Though, it is predictable, steady while using the mobile devices. In case, if anyone identify that  performance of batteries is vanishing a bit, you can easily create a battery analytic using simple command. Moreover, Windows 10 has a integrated feature which allows users to generate a battery report including battery life estimate and its overall capacity with the use of simple cmdlet (command -let) through PowerShell. After that, each and every report automatically saved as HTML file which you can see directly in the web browser screen and also comprise data on your computer system, usage, battery life estimates, all established batteries, capacity history and many other things that users want to know about their Windows 10 battery.

Underneath we provide few steps for generating Windows 10 Battery Report and how to use it properly. The steps are discussed below. Though, these steps are more difficult and much time consuming. Alternatively, if you follow them in the same sequence as mentioned below will save lots of time and efforts.

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