How to Change Cox WI-Fi Password

How to Change Cox WI-Fi Password?

Being a user of Cox internet service, if you want to learn about how to change Wi-Fi password Cox, then within a few simple steps, you can manually do it.

How to Change Cox WI-Fi Password?

There are many Cox users who want to change the password of their Wi-Fi account but have no idea how to do it. Either the password can be changed on own or it can be changed by approaching the customer support. The process of changing the password is very simple. So, let’s begin with Cox introduction.

About Cox

Cox is a comprehensive broadband communication company based in the USA. Founded in 1962, Cox is the sixth-largest multichannel video service provider in the US. The digital video, telephone, internet, home security, automation are the popular services by Cox. The best thing is Cox provides services over its own nationwide IP network.

Step by step procedure to Change Cox Wi-Fi Password:


  • Enter the router user name and password
  • Click ‘OK’
  • Select ‘Wireless’
  • Enter your new network name
  • Enter your new password
  •  Click the Apply button


Needless to say, the internet has become a way of life not just because we get entertained through the internet but we carry out many important daily tasks over the internet. How to change the password is just one concern but the users are unable to access their Cox Wi-Fi due to plenty of causes. In some cases the Wi-Fi is not connected well to your internet device, however, at times, the problem occurs from the router’s end. Single congestion, firmware issue, router location, hardware limitation are some other causes why the internet service gets disrupted.

If the problem occurs from the router’s end, then update the router. Likewise, if it is a firmware issue, update your router’s firmware. As your internet-connectivity gets affected due to physical location, change the location of your router. Moreover, if the internet speed is sluggish, then reboot your router. The internet speed will surely improve by this move.

In case you are unable to figure out the causes of internet disruption, then you have an option to consider Cox customer Support.

Cox Customer support- known for a quick response

Experts at Cox Customer support service are capable enough to deal with Cox WI-Fi related issues that we have mentioned in the post. The support service is accessible round the clock. to ensure the customer can easily share the issues with us, we have shared the toll-free number. The experts out there understand the significance of customer time; therefore, we quickly respond and instantly fix change Cox wifi password and the WI-Fi related issues.

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