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Entertainment Most comfortable gaming chair | TechRadar

Most comfortable gaming chair | TechRadar

If you’re looking for the most comfortable gaming chair on the market, you’ve come to the right place. While many chair manufacturers will throw words like ‘ergonomic’ and ‘supportive’ into marketing material, it can be a smidge overwhelming trying to find just how comfortable the seats are, especially if you suffer from back pain or generally need better support.

Gaming chairs are especially guilty of not being as supportive or comfortable as they should be, which can be a pain if you enjoy gaming for several hours, or perhaps if your gaming setup also doubles as your work desk, forcing you to spend almost the entire day in one position. We suggest investing in a standing desk if you’re currently sat for most of the working week as it should help reduce any health risks that come with a sedentary lifestyle, though a comfortable chair will also do wonders.

It should be noted that many of the chairs on our list don’t look like a typical gaming chair, but that’s for a good reason. Where racing-style seats are undoubtedly popular, they might not offer the best support, so it can be worth sacrificing style over substance to ensure you’re getting the best ergonomics to suit your needs.

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