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Entertainment The next Samsung Galaxy phone is now available for reservation – is it the Fold 4?

Entertainment The next Samsung Galaxy phone is now available for reservation – is it the Fold 4?

The next Samsung Galaxy phone is now available for reservation – is it the Fold 4?

Samsung has just launched a mysterious new reservation page (opens in new tab) for its next Galaxy phone – most likely the Galaxy Z Fold 4 – as well as a new Galaxy Watch and pair of Galaxy Buds.

Not only that, but the official store is throwing in free credit for all of those who reserve a device before pre-orders open on the 31st of August. Reserve the next Galaxy smartphone and you’ll get $100, reserve the next Galaxy Watch and you’ll get $50, reserve the next Galaxy Buds and you’ll get $30. Alternatively, reserve all three and you’ll get $200 – with an extra $20 thrown in as a bundle bonus.

If you’re wondering how you can get ‘free cash’ when you don’t know what you’re ordering, note you’re just registering your interest here. If you decide not to pre-order once the device is ‘officially’ revealed then you can simply walk away at no cost. 

If you do pre-order a device, however, then you’ll get a nice little chunk of store credit alongside the usual pre-order promotions we see from Samsung such as trade-in rebates and accessory freebies.

Curiously, it’s not the first time Samsung has launched a reservation campaign without ‘officially’ announcing the models. It may seem strange, but it did the exact same thing with the Galaxy S22 range earlier this year. It’s actually a great idea in our books – and one that’s consumer-friendly since there’s no commitment to pre-order.

Reserve the next Samsung Galaxy phone now

Is this new phone the Galaxy Z Fold 4?

We don’t know for certain but there are a few clues that potentially give away that it’s probably the next generation of foldable. Firstly, the promo video on the reservation page features a woman in a rather ‘foldy’ yoga pose, bent over backward while a text overlay states that ‘a new way to selfie is coming’. 

Secondly, another giveaway is the whopping $100 Samsung store credit being given away as part of this promotion. For reference, all devices in the S22 range – even the Galaxy S22 Ultra – had a reservation bonus of $50 maximum. To me, if Samsung is willing to give away a bigger gift here it’s highly likely that this new device carries a higher price tag straight out the gate. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 retailed for an eye-watering $1,799.99 at launch so definitely prepare yourself for an assault on the wallet if this is true. 

Finally, we also know via a recent image leak, that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 are rumored to be landing on August 10th. Take this with a massive pinch of salt – leaks are often incorrect – but it’s a time frame that lines up really, really nicely with this reservation campaign. Note, from what we can see reservations end on August 31st, although we will update this article with any corrections if needed.

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