Entertainment These are the top PC games of this week

Entertainment These are the top PC games of this week

These are the top PC games of this week

This week’s collection of must-play PC titles is quite the diverse list, featuring a first-person action shooter, a real-time strategy game, a JRPG, an adventure game, and an action platformer. But regardless of which of these gems you pick for a rousing play session this weekend, they all share the same status of being hidden and not-so-hidden gems.

From Crusader Kings III to Temtem to Blasphemous and more, these titles are all about offering a deep and complex experience in both story and gameplay, often belying a childish or simpler exterior. So whether you feel more inclined to plot-heavy adventure games or a first-person shooter, there’s something for everyone in this week’s list of must-play PC games.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker

a yellow gloved hand hovering over a spacecraft in space

(Image credit: Blackbird Interactive)

Ever thought a game that forces you to locate and dismantle abandoned spacecrafts to find useful materials would be fun? Well in a world where a power washing simulator can be loads of fun, this game too can be a blast. Enter Hardspace: Shipbreaker, in which you travel in space while doing all the hard labor, plus dealing with any labor relations issues with their employer.

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