Top Keyword Research Tips To Drive Web Traffic

The consultants at Miami best SEO company believes that web traffic is the main criteria for measuring the success of a website and it is nothing but the keywords which drives the search. Thus, keyword research plays a significant role in development of content strategy for increasing SEO rankings.

Here are the top tips you should consider at the time of keyword research:

Know The Audience

DC SEO consultant develops marketing strategy by knowing about the audience and predicting how the customers will behave in order to incorporate information in the keyword research.


The professionals from affordable SEO company San Francisco then search for topics related to client’s business which seems to be of interest of the target audience. They may also use tools of website analytics to determine what the audience searched for after landing on their website.

Use Trending Topics For Promoting Business

One should take advantage of trending things in local, culture, technology or world related to business for the purpose of promoting the products.

Long Tail Keywords

Broad keywords never work; hence it is required to narrow down to specifics. For successful specifics:

* Combine geographical locations with keywords

** Combine key features/services with keywords

*** Change the keywords in accordance with the seasons

Long tail keywords work wonders by giving opportunity to optimize according to audience. Nearly, 70% of the google search is based on long tail keywords.

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