TypeScript Vs javaScript – This will help you make the right decision!

Today, JavaScript and TypeScript are among the most popular languages in the world of development.

While both of these programming languages are mostly used for web application development, but lately the TypeScript has gained rapid traction ever since RxJS and Angular started adopting it.So, does this mean you should migrate your web app from JavaScript to TypeScript?Reading this blog will definitely answer that question.What is JavaScript?In most simplest terms, JavaScript is basically a scripting language that allows you to create interactive web pages.It is a client-side programming language which doesn’t need any resources from the web server.The main idea behind developing this language was to make a complementary scripting language, just like Microsoft has Visual Basic to C++.Today, you can use JavaScript with many different technologies such as XML, REST APIs, and more.However, JavaScript was not designed to build complex applications.

Original Source : This will help you make the right decision!

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