Various Ways to Perform Google Account Recovery Steps

How to Recover Google Account Password:

Google account having lost or showing technical error related to password or username are the most common issues users generally complain about and Google Account Recovery can be done by:

  • Recovery email.
  • Recovery phone number.
  • Security questions.

Steps to recover lost password or account are listed below:

  •  When you try logging in your account and face problems, you can choose any of the recovery information you might have entered while creating your account.
  •  Navigate to your Google homepage and tap on option can’t sign in.
  •  A page will load asking you for recovery email or phone number.
  • Enter whatsoever detail you had entered.
  • At times we either forget our e-mail address or password.
  • If you forget your e-mail address then enter either of recovery information and tap on next option. You will be asked for a few security questions that you have to answer.
  • A lot of accounts with the same username will appear in front. You can choose or identify yours.
  • If you forget your password, enter recovery mail or number.
  • You will get a recovery key either by mail or text.
  • Enter that security key and follow instructions to generate your new password.
  • Choose your password easily and re-enter it to confirm it and you are done.

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