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How does Norton safe your device from open Wi-Fi network

Internet gives the tremendous amount of fabulous features through which you stay connected with friends, employees, and relatives. But you need security and privacy too when you use the internet. It is the topmost priority for any antivirus which saves you from spyware, hackers, and attackers.Norton is the product which is given by software specialist for providing you protection from any malfunctioning like Virus, Malware, Ransomware, etc.Sometimes you get the open Wi-Fi network at the public place and certainly, you connect your system or device with it, without knowing its drawback. It is not secure for your device because it uses WEP which is insecure and irrelevant.If you are using public network daily because it is your compulsion then you can use Norton Wi-Fi privacy product or you can take advice from  Norton support number 1800-921-376.


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What are the basic rules to follow for parents and kids

by nortonsupportau - Jun 14, 2017

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It is undeniable that keeping your PCs and your personal information safe and secure is a significant requirement these days. There are a number of hackers and cybercriminals that make essential to create a security for your personal data as well as your devices. When your kids’ access internet then it’s your responsibility to take care of a number of things and you can create a security line by installing Norton antivirus on your PC. When few ground rules are followed by kids as well as parents, then task you do on internet becomes easier. Here is a list of rules for both kids and parents.

For Parents:

Keep your antivirus updated: Parents need to navigate safely on the internet and it’s a responsibility to keep your antivirus updated. By visiting you can stay up to date with the latest updates of your antivirus application. Norton Security offers you complete security and protection protocols that are up to date. As this program comes with a free tria

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Norton Antivirus Support - where protection and security matters most

  Norton Antivirus Support

Antivirus software provides an ideal solution to tackle with software bugs, malware and various online threats. Norton antivirus is the best antivirus known in today’s world. It protects your system from all kind of internet virus, malwares, ransomwares and spywares.   

Norton is a must for every system now-a-days as there are important payment transactions, downloading different links, several email accounts, shopping, booking tickets, passwords, storage of important documents, etc. With multiple tasks over the internet, presence of antivirus scans the entire system, prevents unsafe links, removes existing virus, alert you for the new virus, optimize entire PC, delete unnecessary data, and secure your privacy and security.   

One, it is installed and activated in your system, it starts working then and there continuously to protect your system. Norton Antivirus Support gives you trustworthy solution for all types of issues regarding installation, re-installation, un-installation

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Norton Antivirus with the Best Antispyware Technology

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Most corporations markets three totally different versions of their product during an approach that an antivirus solely contains the antivirus module, whereas an online Security comes with a further Firewall, and eventually a complete Security package that features advantages that they will supply. It causes you to assume that one ought to take the foremost big-ticket Total Security package for max protection alternatively there'll be another ways in which your pc are often compromised.

As for the new Norton Security, you'll realize antivirus, firewall, fraud protection, and pc performance calibration modules in each version to confirm that the pc is correctly protected. The sole distinction now's the extra backup feature and also the ability to put in on multiple devices. Symantec even have a 100% a refund guarantee if your device incorporates a virus that Norton cannot take away.

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