Launch X431 V+ X431 PRO3 reviews

Launch X431 V+ X431 PRO3 reviews good and bad, generally speaking you get what you pay for.

Conclusion: Great tool for what you pay, highly recommend.

Launch-X431-V+-X431-PRO3-reviews-1 Launch-X431-V+-X431-PRO3-reviews-2 Launch-X431-V+-X431-PRO3-reviews-3 Launch-X431-V+-X431-PRO3-reviews-4 Launch-X431-V+-X431-PRO3-reviews-5

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One laptop with 9 boot systems can work for Allscanner Vxdiag

One device of VXDIAG Porsche Piwis III and one laptop with 9 boot systems to support all of those dealer tools software together, please refer to the following images:

One-laptop-with-9-boot-systems-can-work-for-Allscanner-Vxdiag-1 One-laptop-with-9-boot-systems-can-work-for-Allscanner-Vxdiag-2 One-laptop-with-9-boot-systems-can-work-for-Allscanner-Vxdiag-3

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Downloads failing with INLINE 7 and J1939 for older modules, How can I fix this

by obd2lily - Mar 05, 2019 - Cummins INLINE 7 INLINE 7

Issue: Calibration Transfers/Downloads failing with Cummins INLINE 7 and J1939 for older modules (CM570, Celect, Celect Plus, CM550,etc)

Solution: Enable J1939 Inter-Message Delay on Cummins INLINE 7

*   Exit INSITE, and any other application that uses the datalink Adapter. *   Exit the INLINE 7 Explorer by right clicking the tray icon and choosi

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How to use AC adapter with CGDI MB for W639 all keys lost

Test report: Key Programmer CGDI Prog Benz Monster + AC adapter for Mercedes Benz W639 all keys lost.

Hardware: CGDI Prog MB Key Programmer + AC adapter


Software: CGDI MB


EIS: W639


Wiring diagram:






Step 1: read EIS data

CGDI read out EIS data



Step 2: calculate pass

CGDI MB calculated password


NOT by

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Mercedes Star Diagnostic Tool and Software

If you own a Mercedes-Benz and are looking to do your own repairs you may have heard about Mercedes Star Diagnostic (SD) scanners Mb Star C3 and MB Star C4. In this article, we discuss the advantages of Mercedes Star Diagnostic scanner including things that you need to keep in mind before you buy a MB Star Diagnostic scanner. A list of top alternat

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Autel Maxisys MS906 Diagnostic System Part Of Customer


Autel MaxiSYS MS906 is an updated version of Maxidas DS708. It has better configuration but same good function.Here is some customer feedback for this device.

1: I love this tool, it performs as well as or even better than my Snap-on 2500. The help feature is awesome the information it provides makes finding the problems and fixing them with eas

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Autel MaxiSys MS906 VS MS906TS VS MS906BT

Autel MaxiSYS MS906 VS MS906TS VS MS906BT have the same function, but also have many different as follow:

A:Function: MS906

B.MS906TS is added TPMS function based on MS906BT.

C.MS906 has the same apperance with MS906BT, But MS906BT has a few advantage than MS906:

1. MS906BT is installed Bluetooth, allowing diagnosis wirelessly. 2. MS906BT’s dia

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How to read and write 46/48/4D chips with Handy Baby II Key Programmer?

Handy Baby 2 Hand-held Car Key Copy Key Programmer for 4D/46/48 Chips

  1. Language: English/Spanish/Portuguese(color sent randomly)
  2. This Device can't work together with CN2 Chip or CN1 Copy 4C Chip, you need use specially designed 4D/4C Chip, ID46 Chip
  3. Update Free Online on Offcial Website


If your VW Skoda 4th all key lost,How to collect dat

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Mercedes Benz Star C3 HHT Internal fault


Has anyone experienced a HHT internal fault while using a Benz Star diagnosis C3 (Asian Clone)

I am attempting to connect to a 98 W210 E300D Turbo after replacing the original transmission with an exact replacement 722.608


Internal fault Diagnosis multiplexer

Code : 10200




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8 Best Autel Scanner reviews 2018

Most of Autel products come with lots of features that enable the user to not only erase error codes but as well diagnose your car. Depending on your needs, there are a variety of scan tools and diagnostic code readers to choose from. The high-end devices have features such as the multilingual menu, retrieve and clear codes, playback live data, dis

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