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KTMOBD ECU Programmer Workable Gearbox Model Car List

KTMOBD ECU Programmer & gearbox power upgrade Tool

KTMOBD ECU programmer & gearbox power upgrade tool


KTMOBD ECU programmer & gearbox power upgrade tool


KTMOBD ECU programmer & gearbox power upgrade tool



Read the chip data, read and write ECU data, read gearbox data etc at a high speed.


KTMOBD ECU Programmer workable gearbox model:


Ford Focus 3: 1.0L Ecoboost 2015+ GTDI 100/125PS [DA6A] (MED17) (OBD)

 Ford Focus 3: 1.5L Ecoboost 2015+ GTDI 150/180PS [FV6A] (EMS2510/E

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How to use KTM FlASH ECU programmer Switch board?

Here we check how to use KTM FlASH ECU programmer Switch board:


1. The switch board is designed to work with J2534, this device uses the Ktag cables so the user can refer to the Ktag wiring diagram.

2. Advise you use Open Port2.0 as the protocol conversion equipment and work with PC.

 3. There are 3 types of Bosch Infineon ECU continue reading..
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Ksuite V2.47 Win 7 8 10 free download and installation


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Xhorse BE Key Questions and Answers

Thread: problems with Xhorse BE key improved version

Does anyone of you have problems with Xhorse BE key pro improved version??I have same problems like on old PCB

The problem is: sometimes the key isn’t recognize by EIS. Then need to remove end put again..

The package I have:


Re: problems with Xhorse BE key improved version

I just had 2 be

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2018 Launch X-431 ProS Mini Multi-system Multi-brand Diagnostic & Service Tool

X431 ProS Mini is a new diagnostic tool released by Launch tech. It communicates with your car by connecting the DBSCAR  with Bluetooth, it reads car DTCs and performs diagnostic functions by the X431 ProS mini Pad computer, it achieves X431 series full car model and full system diagnose functions.

 Launch X431 PROS Mini



Launch X431 PROS Mini Language: 


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Witech micropod 17.03.10 original free download works on clone

by obd2tools - Jun 07, 2018 - Witech micropod 17.03.10

Here is the original Witech micropod 17.03.10 software to use with an original or a micropod 2 clone.

https://mega.nz/#!BNAjnAQB!AWiM7QTImGt5n0XvgqNLF6rZ87gFQ4GqC9rl4dOtYcY (No pass)

Installation tip: if you run all the prerequisite software first it works...adobe air...java 6 -45...ect...

Try at your own risk!

Credits to transamb (mhhauto.com)

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Ksuite 2.47 Download Free for Kess V2 5.017

Free download Ksuite 2.47 for Kess V2 firmware 5.017 for all PC


No need HWID and KG.

Unpack DLL from archive in folder Ksuite/DLL


Ksuite_2.47 for clone






(Big thanks to svvag2000, sourced http:

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BMW M4 F82 DME/ECU Read Write Tuning Guide

by obd2tools - May 28, 2018 - KTAG KTM100 KTM100 clone

KTAG/KTM100 with BDM frame and adapters is inbound. My intention is to document a regular guys attempt at homebrew DME/ECU tuning my 2016MY F82 M.Attachments:BMW-Bosch DME MEVD172G Wiring Guide: NT_BOSCH_MEVD172G_IROM_TC1797_BMW.pdfParts arrived this morning. Below are pictures of what was included in the box.-KTAG/KTM100 Clone-12v/1A AC Adapter-US

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How to Enable Immo and Programming in Consult 3 plus?

Here is how to use Consult 3 plus to do Immo and programming without spending out on the smart card.

find the consult diagnostictool.ini file

open with notepad

copy and paste this at the bottom









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