Origin Of Men’s Polo Shirts

Polo shirts have always been famous among men. This is due to their comfortable design and nature of being fitted on every occasion. Men can wear polo shirts in numerous places this can range from going to market for everyday shopping to attending formal meetings. It only depends upon what bottom and other accessories you are wearing it with. But did you ever just thought about where did the men’s polo shirts originate from? You must have not, but now we’ll tell you all you need to know about polo shirts.

Beginning Of 19th Century

The actual origin of the shirt is however obscure. The earliest appearance remembered about them is in the sub-continent. It originated at Manipur when the Britishers first time played the polo sport. It can be also be said that it is named after the game. The fabric used for this shirt in the early days was cotton. The polo shirt then was of full sleeves.

End Of 19th Century

Several famous people of the United States traveled to England in the late 19th century. As they started to travel, they had a chance to witness the polo sport. The noticed a unique thing among their wearing. Although the players were running their collars were not flapping. This was due to the fact they were attached to the shoulders by means of buttons. As they headed back to the US, they were so impressed by the style that took the idea with themselves.

Start Of 20th Century

In 1920 a polo player known as Lewis Lacey opened his shop in Buenos Aires Argentina. He sold polo shirts with the label of a polo player embroidered upon it. A French tennis player modernized the men’s polo shirts by customizing it. In the early days, tennis costume comprises of thick cloth and long sleeves. These long-sleeved created a lot of disturbance for the players. However, following the customer they had to wear it.  Taking advantage of his number ranking in the world Jean Rene Lacoste invented white short-sleeved polo shirts for tennis players. You can buy men’s polo shirts through online stores.

Mid Of 20th Century

Lacoste worked hard on improvising the style and design of polo shirts. In mid of the 20th century, he filled men’s polo shirts with colors. The prices of the polo shirts were kept very high. The middle class and lower class were unable to buy men’s polo shirts at any cost. However, the fame of the shirt gained further when some government officials wore it at the golf field.

End Of 20th Century

This was the time when the polo shirt made its way to the business and industry sector. After being promoted among the sportsmen, it was now being used for professional office workers as well. The rates were reduced to low so that it could now be affordable for the middle class and lower-class men. The aim at the end of the 20th century was to provide these comfortable polo shirts to all.