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What is heart burn? - Our Holistic Health

What is heart burn?

The word heartburn makes us think about some heart problem but it is not true, the is onlydue to its symptoms similar to a heart attack. Irritation is observed in the tube which connectsthroat and stomach which is caused due to stomach acid leading to burning sensations inupper stomach.In medical term Heart burn is also known as Esophagus.

What Causes Heartburn?

One can trigger Heartburn symptoms when there is problem in lower esophageal valve,which is located where the esophagus gets connected to stomach. Normally, due to gravity,the valve keeps stomach acid at a right place in your stomach. The main function of the valveis to let the food into the stomach and works as a door between the tube and the stomach. Ifthe valve gets lose the stomach acid can seep into esophagus, which causes burning in theupper part of stomach. It can cause other problems such as overeating and creates pressure onstomach which is due to obesity, pregnancy or constipation.

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