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RFID locks- Best ever locks to protect valuable things from unauthorised access.

As one knows in today era the most important thing is to protect valuable things from unauthorised access. The question arise here is how?  RFID lock is the best lock that provides complete safety to your valuable things. 

RFID locks 2

What is RFID Locks?

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track t

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Add little more security to your valuable thing with “Qilocks”

As we know security is very essential factor nowadays. , so more and more people opt for different types of locks that enhance their safety features. “Qilocks”- Developer and manufacturer of locks provide various types of locks that enhance your safety to new level.


What are locks:

A mechanism for keeping a door or container fastened, typical

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Another idea of protecting valuable things is “Combination locks”- Qilocks!

Combination lock is a type of locking device in which a sequence of symbols, usually numbers, is used to open the lock. The sequence may be entered using a single rotating dial which interacts with several discs or cams, by using a set of several rotating discs with inscribed symbols which directly interact with the locking mechanism. Unlike ordina

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