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Latest laser tattoo removal services London technology

As soon as the laser hits your skin, it could go in various different directions. Several paths of light will reflect off of the skin, while others will penetrate to the epidermis and dermis. However, we could interest in the ones that reach the tattoo particles, are absorbed into the epidermis and cause the white frosting to take place.

Are there any other side effects?

Although everybody's body will react differently to be able to laser tattoo removal, some common unwanted effects include:

Blistering - Yet another sign that the healing process has commenced, blisters are nothing to worry about and even if tender, take between 3-14 days and nights to disappear.

Scabbing - Close to 8-72 hours after treatment, scabs may appear over the affected area. Choosing or peeling these can raise the risk of scarring; so let them shut down naturally.

Swelling - Your body's normal defense system might kick in and create a bit of swelling after treatment. Yet this will soon go down and is not j

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