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Various professional Manicure and pedicure treatments

You have the liberty to choose the shape of your nails. Oval, square or round, the choice is yours to make. When the process is done, your hands along with feet will be moisturized to maintain their health. Usually, a nice and rapid massage will also be included in the treatment.

several. Nail spa - this process is often longer and more costly compared to various other manicure and pedicure treatments. Your own personal fingers and toe nails get particular treatments and it's usually a relaxing course of action. Depending on the salon, there are special substances added to this treatment just to make them far more unique and special than the various other salons.

Of course , regular mani along with pedi treatment is included in this special day spa treatment. Aside from these, you may also enjoy a limited reflexology massage. Other salons likewise incorporate a hydrating treatment to maintain along with rejuvenate your nails, cuticles along with skin.

4. Paraffin - this is the waxy

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