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Classification of Permeable Bricks — Grassy Pavers

From the point of view of the classification of permeable bricks, according to the principle of water can be divided into two categories, one is to rely on the surface of the brick hole through the water, one is in accordance with the gap between brick and brick through the water. The later type is more common.


With the continuous progress of technology, permeable bricks are also constantly being improved, common categories includes ordinary permeable bricks, polymer fiber reinforced concrete permeable bricks, composite concrete permeable bricks, colored stone composite concrete permeable bricks, oxygen permeable bricks, concrete permeable bricks and benevolent ecological sand permeable bricks.

  Modern Permeable Bricks Advantages
  • improve the growth conditions of ground plants.
  • to a certain extent, adjustment to urban climate. Because the permeable bricks absorb two-thirds of their own volume of water, not only conserve water, but also inhibits pm 2.5.
  • with a large area of permeable brick laying, easing the city municipal pipeline drainage pressure, reduce the city water logging.

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