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Why should you know the updated Indian railways PNR status?

by rupalsingh - Aug 14, 2017 - IRCTC PNR

People generally not succeed to understand fabulous possibility of the PNR status and how it helps travelers. Just like its name shows, it includes all the information related to ticket booking status, travel route, payment information, arrival and departure, etc. It is actually useful for daily travelers to verify even if their tickets have been verified or not. To get the newest details regarding your ticket status you can test the railway PNR status system.

It is useful for you to make optional plans if you get the updates in any case a day before your definite travel date. Before the arrival of the digital world, it was certainly a prodigious task to verify the PNR status that considered it crucial to bodily exist at the railway station and put up with the never finishing queue. Digitalization has actually assisted you to verify the PNR status online through IRCTC PNR status without having to go out of impounds of your home or office. On the other hand, IRCTC login page helps you

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Create New IRCTC Account-IRCTC Login

by rupalsingh - Aug 11, 2017 - IRCTC Login

If you are logging or signing into IRCTC login page for non-tatkal tickets booking, then you must ignore logging into IRCTC all through 10 AM to 11 AM. As at this time the server remains down for Tatkal tickets booking.

Login issues:

The time that is mentioned in above segment is essential time for booking Tatkal ticket. All through this period, the server is most probably busy due to heavy traffic.

Probable solution for login failures:

If you are not having the login page, then stay some time and then strive again. If you are attempting to book Tatkal tickets, then this time may be essential for you and should not stay and go for another less packed alternative such as IRCTC mobile site.

Ticket booking timings:

IRCTC can be employed to book online tickets from 5 AM to 12 PM IST. You may reserve Tatkal tickets from 10 AM. The IRCTC’s servers stay live 24 hrs in 7 days.

Rules you should know

Reservation can be done ninety days beforehand.

Tatkal Tickets can be reserved twenty

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IRCTC Registration via Mobile App

by rupalsingh - Jul 17, 2017 - IRCTC Registration

First, download the IRCTC link application.When you open the application it will request you to register. To sign up a new account on IRCTC, just tap on Register button.Now, fill up all your information, then tap on next button.Then, it will confirm your Mobile number and e-mail id.After confirmation, you can login with your chosen username and password.Now, to book ticket on IRCTC connect verify how to book ticket on IRCTC link application.Once you have completed IRCTC registration either you can visit by clicking on the anchor link or by going to in your resident browser's address bar. If you are employing IRCTC from your smartphone, then download the IRCTC application that runs on each platform like Android, Windows, and iPhone Operating System. This application is very useful and easy to use. Via online services travelling to extensive distance has become easy and suitable.

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Lots Of Places To Visit In Madhya Pradesh

by rupalsingh - Jul 15, 2017 - IRCTC Registration

Madhya Pradesh, also called as the Heart of India because of its middle position is one of the best tourist places in India. It is also to a certain extent unknown and not touched. Whether it is broad range of national parks, natural reserves, historical places and the like, Madhya Pradesh involves it all. It was also given The Best Tourism State Award in 2012. Here are some best places to visit in Madhya Pradesh:Khajuraho-Khajuraho town in Madhya Pradesh has a big number of Hindu as well as Jain Temples from the medieval period, which is famous for their erotic monuments. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sights and shows India’s medieval period art traditions and beauty via sliced stones and artistically interesting formations. These are thousand year old temples still ranking high as the base of India’s unique structural design.Gwalior-Gwalior city situated in Northern Madhya Pradesh includes various wonderful chronological temples and forts involving the most viewed one, the G

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Some significant honeymoon places in India

Here are some beautiful honeymoon places in India to select for an ideal post-wedding holiday.CoorgCalled as the Scotland of India, the verdant green hill-station, also called as Kodagu region, is best for an inaccessible and picturesque honeymoon. Easy to get to from Bangalore, Mangalore as well as Mysore, some of the best tourist places here involve Talakaveri – a place from where river Kaveri comes out, Dubare elephant camp where the tuskers are cleaned daily as well as Abbey Falls, beautiful waterfalls near Madikeri, the central town in this region.UdaipurThis one is for the newly wedded couples who are fond of history, structural design and everything classic. With an overabundance of forts and Rajput palaces, Udaipur, also called as the lake city.IRCTC is an amazing platform that makes booking and canceling tickets with a click of mouse and sitting contentedly at home. You require not fearing about your individual information and account information that are requested on online w

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