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Whether you live in the country or abroad, chances are when you think of Scotland, your first thoughts are drawn to the Scottish kilt. The kilt is so iconic that it is known around the world and instantly inspires thoughts of the nation upon sight. But kilts did not just one day appear out of nowhere; they are steeped in a deep, rich history that has made them so important to start with. If you are new to kilt wearing, including what sort of kilt shirt or sporran you are supposed to wear with a kilt, it’s important that you understand that very history. Today, kilts are known as perhaps the most important symbol of honor and patriotism to the country itself. People want to buy scottish kilts online but, where did the kilt come from? They come from a kilt company or what? When you want something more casual, you can wear sweaters or shirts that are plain without graphics that match up with the color of the kilt. If you aren’t going somewhere formal, it is still important to respect the kilt and to look stylish and put together, and so these neutral tops and colors are recommended. Avoiding busy patterns is a must as well. Simple, plain t-shirts are also accessible when you want to wear something out on the street and keep it as casual and informal as possible.

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