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How to simply install WordPress Woocommerce Plugin

Installing WooCommerce in your dashboard

The WooCommerce from your dashboard can be installed easily, to install the woocommerce setup through your dashboard, Firstly press the Add plugin button and do a search for woocommerce, when it comes up press the install button.

Uploading to your computer

You can directly upload the WooCommerce Plugin to

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How to Migrate Your WordPress Website from Drupal to WordPress

Are you looking to know How to Migrate Drupal to WordPress Website? Drupal is the most famous robust CMS ( Content Management System ) with a number of features in it, but its learning steps are quite difficult – especially if you are new to web development then you are no more working with Drupal in easy manner. In this blog, we will show you How

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2 easy ways to Automatically Link Keywords with Affiliate Links in WordPress

How does Automatic Affiliate Links work in WordPress?

It allow you to turn particular keywords or brand mentions into affiliate links. Some of the times you will forget to add affiliate links into your articles. In the case of a multi-author blog problem gets large. Auto affiliate link plugin resolve that problem and help you boost your earning.

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How to simply Create a Mobile App with WordPress

by seemadafouti - Dec 26, 2017 - Mobile App

There are 3 ways to create mobile app using wordpress:-

1. App Builders

It allow you to create a mobile app with no coding, and very small technical expertise.

App Builder can work great if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, and you don’t need anything really custom. There are many variety of app builders, including Mobile Roadie, Shoutem,

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How to Set Up Error Logs of WordPress in WP-Config

by seemadafouti - Dec 26, 2017 - Error Logs

Do you wish to Set Up Error Logs of WordPress in WP-Config? The wp-config file in WordPress is useful debugging tool for helping you to find and fix the errors. In this article, we will show you how to set up WordPress error logs in the wp-config file so read the whole article carefully.

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How to Transfer WordPress Site to new host?

Steps to move move WordPress Site to new host:- Step 1: Select Your New WordPress Host

If you are stuck of a slow web host even after the optimization of WordPress site for speeding it up, then it is the time to move wordpress site to another host that can work with your growing traffic.

When you wish to look for a new WordPress hosting provider

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How to Build Plugins for React Apps in WordPress

by seemadafouti - Dec 26, 2017 - React Apps
What is React.js?

React js is a Javascript framework that has been under development by Facebook since 2012. The main cause that you are hearing more about it recently is because of the fact that Facebook did not publicly announce the project until 2015.

However thousands of PHP developers had to become articulate with JavaScript to be able to ta

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10 Ways To Do Professional WordPress Website Maintenance Yourself

  1. WordPress update

In WordPress, WordPress automatically checks for updates on the WordPress core as well as plugins and theme. You can easily update your application directly from the updates menu. You will see the notification in the WordPress dashboard >> updates menu.   

Before you continue with the upgrade we strongly recommend you to ma

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8 Best WordPress Backup Plugins 2018

Best WordPress backup plugins are: 1. BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy is the most well liked premium WordPress backup plugin. You can allow simply schedule daily, monthly backups, or weekly. It certainly store your backups in Dropbox, Amazon S3, Stash (their cloud service), Rack space Cloud, FTP, and even email also. If you apply their Stash service, the

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20 best WordPress Education Themes 2017

Do you want to know the best WordPress Education Themes 2017? In this article we are going to show you the best education themes on wordpress designed for university, college, school, and various education related websites.

The best and by far the most famous CMS (Content Management System) platform is WordPress and it could be used to create your

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