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Many small businesses take it upon themselves to look after their IT. Being a business owners salready has such a big burden and should rather seek a Managed IT Services company that could look after IT services. Why? It is really simple, does the business owner have any experience or qualifications in the iT field? In most cases the answer is NO

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How fast should my website be?

Small Business SEO Brisbane

I am sure we will all agree that Wordpress is a great blogging platform. But the user experience can dramatically change if you have to wait for a web page to load.

Need Wordpress help Brisbane?

Reading up on statistics, it is clear that when a web page takes longer to load you lose your audience.

53% of visitors will abandon your website if i

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Wordpress Support

by serverguru - Apr 30, 2019 - wordpress support

Small Business SEO Brisbane

Need Wordpress help? Our wordpress support specialist can help with all aspects of Wordpress. Need help with a Wordpress setup or need help in selecting a Wordpress hosting company?

Need help with WordPress? Our WordPress support specialist can help you with any WordPress related queries. Need to set up new WordPress hosting? Move your WordPress

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Small Business IT Support

by serverguru - Apr 24, 2019 - business IT support

Business IT Support

IT Support by industry professionals with decades of experience. We provide IT support and related IT services to Brisbane home and business IT users. We provide professional and affordable IT solutions to assist Brisbane organisations. We are committed to helping you choose the right technologies to improve your operations.

Do you require IT Su

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Business Data Backup

Cloud data backup

Business Cloud Backup What IS IT?

Typically cloud backup is when a client side agent runs an automated process that encrypts and compresses locally selected data. The data is then send to offsite server/s in locations known or unknown to the data owner.

In some cased the data has a specific retention scheme. A retention scheme is the makeup of

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Small Business SEO Services

by serverguru - Apr 18, 2019 - SEO get ranked on google
Search Engine Optimisation Service Brisbane

Do you require SEO in Brisbane? SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process whereby the content of a website is enhanced so that it is found by users looking for specific keywords in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

The idea is to rank on the top of the very first page for each of the po

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Ocean View Property Demand Goes Up

Ocean views

Nowadays it's harder and harder to find coastline worth owning for sale at prices worth paying. Again, everyone that invests in property knows that ocean views is a must have on the check list.

Why being near water makes us happy

Real estate data suggests a water view attracts a 120 percent premium on a property; and real-world figures suggest

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Business IT Support Brisbane

by serverguru - Apr 02, 2019 - it support brisbane

Business IT Support Brisbane

Server Guru IT Support Brisbane provides efficient, fast, and friendly IT support for desktops, servers, networking devices and applications. If your business depend on IT infrastructure for your business, it is important to ensure that your IT support provider is responsive and effective. Ideally, they should also be pre-emptive.

Many companies

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Computer Repair Services Brisbane NorthSide

by serverguru - Mar 29, 2019 - computer repairs

Brisbane NorthSide Computer Repairs to all makes of computers. Certified computer Technicians that come to you at no extra charge.

Is your Computer slow or constantly crashing? Do you have annoying Windows pop ups or other strange things happening?  Need a virus removed or blue screen fixed? Email or internet problem giving you a headache? Printer

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When is full time small business IT Support required

by serverguru - Mar 27, 2019 - it support

IT Support Brisbane

For a lot of small businesses the need for a full time IT Support technician is an expenditure that cannot be afforded. In most cases there is a dedicated employee with a minimal set of technical skills awarded as the IT person in the business.

The problem is that this person now has two roles to perform in the organisation, diving his/her time

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