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How to set up an ondemand grocery store?

While internet is a great starting point, understanding ground reality carries a lot more weightage when you’re entering the on-demand sphere, leveraging on the booming on-demand economy. On-demand economy is a subset of sharing economy, or part of the so-called phenomenon—Uberization. And like any business, when starting a business, on-demand or t continue reading..
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Why Laravel for Authentication and Authorization Systems?

By the end of 2017, 25 of 30 PHP developers in my technology firm switched from various other PHP frameworks: CodeIgniter, Yii, Zend, etc. to Laravel. This switch piqued my interest in Laravel and made me curious about this framework for php development. I decided to dig further only to find it isn’t just my firm everybody is making the switch. Go continue reading..
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The multidimensional problem of salon industry

Salon industry has undergone steady growth over the past five years to 2017. Industry revenue has gradually improved with improving per capita disposable income and consumer confidence. on demand for salon main To generate growth, salon have expanded their array of service offerings, mainly the range services, The market size of the global wellness industry was around 3 continue reading..
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How does a Warehouse Smart Inventory Management System perform?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is fast replacing obsolete ways and technologies of asset tracking and inventory management. By tradition, asset tracking and inventory management in retail supply chain depended on these old-school methods:  
  1. Accounting Tools & Systems: Individual details of each item in an inventory are manuall
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Ever-changing patterns in Oil and gas Industry

In an increasingly competitive, fast-changing, and heavily regulated environment, managing offshore and onshore operations creates serious challenges for oil and gas companies. oil and gas feature images Up-to- the-minute information spanning their resources is vital. Without it, companies are unable to leverage their people and assets as efficiently as they should.   H continue reading..
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Merits and demerits of cryptocurrency app development

by shahidmansuri - Apr 18, 2018
You have surely heard about the term cryptocurrency by now, and may be wondering whether you should use it or not. It’s a term whose popularity has quite grown over the years, and gained value in public understanding and use. You must have heard about Bitcoin and Ether. Well, these are cryptocurrencies that use the Blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency-main In this continue reading..
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Mobility in resource management systems

by shahidmansuri - Apr 11, 2018

There is an undeniable culture in the oilfield services’ industry that places precedence on getting the job done. The high-tech engineering tools that are deployed today in the field represent this focus. They have evolved over time and through experience to ensure that work gets done better, safer and faster.


The lousy state of technology on oi

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GPS tracking systems of today

According to a research study by Frost and Sullivan, GPS vehicle tracking systems can raise your fleet’s productivity and vehicle utilization by 10-15% and 15-20% respectively and reduce fuel consumption by 20-25%, idle time by 20-30%, miles driven by 5-10% and overtime by 10-15%. In addition, these GPS based systems put labor saving to 30minutes p

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The fastest growing programming language in 2017

by shahidmansuri - Apr 06, 2018 - Python Web development app
Stack Overflow is the most popular website that programmers across the world visit for code examples and solution to common programming problems. Stack Overflow works as questions and answers website, where every question is tagged to one or more programming languages. Python is the fastest-growing major programming language the most visited tag on continue reading..
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Voice control your coffee machine with google home

Cauldryn is a portable travel mug that boils water, brews coffee and tea, keeps hot beverages at desired drinking temperature, and defrost frozen food from a battery, without the need to plug it to a power outlet. coffe-app-1 Fascinated by the growing trends: automation, IoT mobile application, a Cauldyrn representative contacted us a few months ago. They w continue reading..
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