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Finding the perfect location identifier for mobile apps: GPS Vs Beacons Vs Wi-Fi

How often do you search for nearby cafés, movie theaters or doctors on the internet? The results are more than satisfy most of the time provided “Location” is switched-on on your device.

A GPS chip embedded in your smartphone, when enabled, tracks your location based on co-ordinate axis there.

A mobile application or web application like Google Maps then maps that information on real world maps, showing exactly where you are.

A GPS device needs a continuous link to one or more satellites, in clear sky, to enable its action. That means GPS functionality tends to suffer in indoor conditions or on a cloudy evening.

perfect location identifier

Mobile application these days require a location to enhance personalization and makes the user experience more relevant. As a result,

mobile app developers are leveraging on various new and traditional technologies and method to make sure “Location” is available all the time to their apps,

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Significance of fleet management in logistics industry

The logistics industry is growing faster than it was presumed to be. We have recently noticed Uber’s initiative startup for logistics industry through self-driving trucks. Looking at the same, it is clear that the logistics industry will soon have technology as an invincible part of it.

Over it, with a company like Uber which already has a user base of over 30 million users across 425 countries in 72 nations, the era ahead will definitely roll new dices for the industry........

Here are some benefits that you can have with a proper fleet management:

  • Live fleet monitoring
  • Cost monitoring
  • Automation
  • Enhanced punctuality
  • Improved customer experience
  • Reliable and quick reportsLast but not the least;
  • Conclusion

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How to overcome delivery process using On Demand Delivery App

The on-demand delivery market is taking the market by storm. Be it the groceries, booze, or the salon-style blowouts at home, users today prefer to have these products/services to be delivered on demand.

The reason behind the entire hike is that the on demand process works over a single outline, ‘Give them what they want, when they want, and wherever they want’.

1.On demand economy statistics you need to know

Here are top three problems faced by mobile app developers/appreneurs while entering the on-demand app business:1. Nothing new : The on-demand delivery app market is getting new members with every passing day.

2. Not as advertised

3. The area

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On Demand Delivery App

How to overcome these problems?

Knowing the areas of concern and talking about them isn’t the only remedy. The requirement is to have solutions to these problems. Keeping the same in mind, here we have listed few points which you need to keep check while coming up wit

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What technologies are used to build fitness activity tracking app?

Staying fit is no new trend. However, the ways to get fit kept changing since years. With the evolution of technology and introduction of tracking devices from Fitbit, Nike, and Jawbone, a new wave overtook the fitness industry. But it was the launch of Apple Watch which grew the fitness tech market.

According to a study, the market of fitness trackers surpasses that of smartwatches. Another report predicts that by the end of 2019, around 245 million fitness and activity trackers will be sold.

iWatch fitness tracker

Sitting quietly on your wrist, the fitness trackers keep you updated with the calories you gained/burnt, times you slept and when you used the most of your brain and body.

Applications and their success story

There are numerous fitness apps contributing to healthy lives globally. In a recently conducted study, it was found that participants who are using fitness apps are comparatively more active than those who didn’t use fitness apps.

The fitness application market has walked parallel wit

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Kotlin: A new era of android app development

Since long we have known and used Java as the primary language for Android app development. However, saying that it is only or rather the best choice will be wrong. Despite the fact that it has marked its presence as a robust and an official language, it too comes with different set of challenges which can prove to be deterrent for developers.

With the growing technology, different JVM languages have started gaining the attention of the developers, and need to be mentioned that Kotlin is leading this herd.

What is Kotlin?

The open source language is based on Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The statically typed programming language can also be compiled to JavaScript source code.



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