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5 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service Without Chatbots

Companies embrace chat functions to reduce dependency on humans. Person-to-person chat conversations as we know them will become obsolete. Within a decade, chatbots will become capable enough to replace the everyday dude at a customer support desk and will provide with more efficient, personalized responses.


Build on existing data

Build chatbot app on the stream of customer data as artificial intelligence systems and chatbots they power are only as smart as the data they are built upon. Such chatbots tend to have more advanced conversation abilities than chatbots built from scratch.The ability of chatbots is personalization at scale, a world where every company has a chat function build around artificial intelligence to quickly address customer concerns personalised to the data available about that customer.   Original post source: chatbots to improve your customer service  continue reading
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The future of on-demand economy lies in these industries

According to Harvard Business Reports, the on-demand economy attracts 22.4 million consumers annually, who spend $57.6 billion on them. These on demand services, in addition to food delivery and taxi booking, include healthcare, grocery and other hyperlocal services, home care services, etc. 49% of on-demand users are millennials, remaining 30% are in the age group 35 to 54. This growth and activity should continue this year too.   on-demand-economy Because of the biggest success of this decade: Uber and Airbnb, consumers’ expectations have changes. Now they expect instant provisioning of goods and services. Smartphones have been the game changer, and the handiness they have brought for people is extraordinary. Arrival of new on-demand services market While Uber and Airbnb control and in a sense, define on demand market, they are not the only two offer the service. More than a hundred such service providers exist in the market today all around the world. While technology has evolved enough to en continue reading
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Service industries that drive the on-demand economy

The On-Demand Economy is replacing traditional business models faster than we anticipated. The services coupled with a couple of apps empower instant provisioning of goods and services.

With the emergence of startups like Instacart (grocery), Postmates (anything available locally), JustPark (parking), task rabbit (handyman) and Airbnb (hospitality), this indeed coming true.

ondemand investment 1. Transportation and travel Transportation sector owns the on-demand economy thanks to the likes of Uber and Airbnb. This is the sector where majority of the VC funding goes into. Apparently, more than 75% of funding has gone into to just 5 “on-demand” startups and four of those are into Travel and Transportation.   If you’re concerned about the investment that goes into setting up the IT infrastructure and associated apps, then we offer a readymade taxi solution that works much like Uber. YelowTaxi, is an on-demand taxi app, that works on SaaS model and with a little customization and branding could be read continue reading
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How ioT is building the smart offices of tomorrow?

Your Fitbit Flex can interact with your smartphone via the app, over a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection and vice a versa. The latest Apple Watch answers calls and reply texts.   Building-a-smart-home-1   Those gadgets marked the beginning of the ‘smart’ revolution and IoT mobile app development. Smart devices, homes, automobiles Their real potential, although, lies in the network of relationships between them. The smart office Aren’t you carrying a portable office with you all the time? I am talking about the device that you use most of the time to check and reply emails, edit documents, and access the Project Management System. Yes, I am talking about your smartphone. It could be the latest iPhone X or the classic OnePlus One.   That’s almost quite what an employee does at the office. But a smart office can go beyond that. You can navigate to your meeting’s location. You can provision supply to the warehouse from your Apple Watch.   Let's see More Information : IoT Smart Office Solution continue reading
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Why location based travel app is important for your business?

Geofencing has made its deep space in the world of travel app development. You can find almost every fifth travel application development process availing this feature to enhance the user experience.

customer support in travel app When we talk about managing customer relationship, we are communicating about one of the most important aspects of any business. You can automate messages for a certain area, and when a possible customer walks in, you can notify him. This can be anything linked with your business. But what basically is Geofencing? In simple words, it is a virtual parameter, which one can draw around any particular location on a map to target his customers. It uses the GPS or RFID technology to give you desired results and is as sensitive as the technology. Hereby a travel booking app avails you the exact data of when ‘they’ arrive, dwell, or leave.   How will a Geofencing mobile app help you in travel business?   Through Geofencing integrated travel app you can gain the faith and loyalty of your p continue reading
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Top 6 Reasons Why School Bus Tracking System Is A Must-Have For Academic Institutes

With the increasing traffic, accidents and unfortunate events, the parents and school administration are often distressed about a school child’s journey from their pick-up point to the school and vice-versa. The stress grows by manifolds when schools cannot guarantee the safe and reliable transportation because they are unaware where the school bus is, which route drivers are following, speeding issue or if any unforeseen event occurs. That’s embarrassing!   Yes, GPS- the global positioning system when embedded in vehicles, tracking the whereabouts of school buses in the real-time, becomes easier. Similar to taxi apps, the school bus tracking apps enable the parents and school administrators to track the bus location in the real-time or get alerts in case of any contingencies, and drivers can also be informed about any emergency in the most simple way.   Here, integrating the RFID technology in the student’s ID card and then integrating with GPS-based transportation software woul continue reading
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The Advanced Guide to Mobile Product Management

Mobile Product Management though is a relatively new term, but it is growing at a great pace. In the last couple of years, you might have noticed that despite fundamentals remaining same, the roles of general product managers and the mobile product managers have changed. This includes:
  • Roadmap creation
  • Requirements definition
  • Performance measurement
  • Customer obsession
We can notice senior product managers across different industries making a switch to mobile. These veterans are hired perfect mobile app developers who also have sufficient skills and expertise in mobile product management. 1. Prioritizing features better user experience While General Product Managers have to plan and execute keeping in mind the vast world of desktops, for Mobile PMs things change. They have to prioritize the features as per their usability in order to serve better user experience.   Original Post :  Mobile Product Management continue reading
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How can healthcare mobility reduce hospital management cost?

Mobility is no longer a trend but has evolved as a need of the era. The pace of its evolution soon invited numerous health app development companies to step ahead and initiate the healthcare mobility solution process.   According to a website, it is estimated that by the end there will be around one million mobile health apps generating revenue of $26 billion. Another reportstates that the total revenue generated by the top ten mobile apps for health is $4 million.   With more than 97,000 mobile apps related to health and fitness in the app world, and still counting. The pace at which the demand and supply of these mobile health apps are increasing, we can expect them to play a major role in coming years. mobile app for patient report With this, the expenses incurred on creating reports again, maintaining the physical records, and the resources allocated in same can be reduced.    Let's See Original Post : Healthcare mobile app development continue reading
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Demystifying developersí dilemma: android or iOS app development

The beginners are worried about which developing system to learn first while the pros are juggling to balance their routine of developing apps and earning profit from both the systems.


There are multiple factors that help in deciding which platform to choose and which to put next in line. The top ones among them include the objectives of developing the app for brand management, time frame within which you want it ready and the budget at hand that you can spare for the development.

Original post : Android or iOS app development


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Intelligent wearables are coming to a doctor near you

Apple Watch is only a manifestation of drive that the healthcare industry is witnessing with the emergence of intelligent wearables app development. So far industry has failed to deliver on the potential of digital information.

The industry is over-regulated and rigid to bring in any innovations and is the reason of failure for many ambitious IT projects. Nevertheless, the drive is gathering pace and investment has soared in the last few years.

Data analysis

Health care needs to be lighter on pockets, nobody understands this better than an average American can. Did you know? Americans spent an amount equivalent to about 18% of GDP on health care in 2016. Not just the US, that’s the case everywhere, more or less as countries face rising cost pressures from health spending as populations age.

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