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Axis electrical component

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Lightning Protection Systems

As IEC’s name implies, these international standards are drawn up through a consortium of industry professionals who look at all the available research. Despite ESE having been on the market for several decades, none of these major standards have recognized it. Lightning protection and earthing/grounding are important elements to keep in mind for a

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Do Early Streamer Emission (ESE) Lightning Protection Systems Work?

The conventional form of lightning protection, lightning arrestors or Franklin Rods, are just metal rods mounted on the top of a structure and then grounded using a series of conductors. This system is intended to protect the structure by making lightning preferentially strike the lightning rod, instead of the structure, allowing the dangerous elec

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Axis-India: Most trusted electrical components manufacturer

Axis Electrical Components with its commitment to excellence has been manufacturing premium range of electrical components like Lugs, cable ties, cable cleats, cable accessories, Axi-weld Exothermic welding and more. Find lightning protection equipment and other products of highest quality at Axis-India

For more information, Visit www.axis-india.c

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A trusted brand for lightning protection products

Are you looking for lightning protection equipment of the highest quality? Find earthing and lightning protection products at Axis-India, the leading electrical components manufacturer. Get the best products with national and international certifications and meets lightning protection standards. Find complete technical details of our products and s

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