Scavenging Fibers, strains, toxins, fluids Biochem All classes

posted by smrtsmith on Mar 26, 2019

          Slicing  Schematics, credits, droid parts, mission data  Cybertech  Bounty Hunter, Trooper, Smuggler, Imperial Agent          Crafting Skills    It’s crucial that you understand that your crew can only concentrate on one crafting skill. Therefore, it’s important choose SWTOR Credits your gathering skill(s) appropriately. Your crew will have the capacity to craft items with the workstation on the starship because you remain from the field.     1. Armortech  Much as it sounds, this skill allows one to construct armor, specifically medium and high types. It is recommended for non force users for example troopers, smugglers, imperial agents, and bounty hunters. The materials essential for armor crafting are obtained with the Scavenging gathering skill, plus the Underworld Trading mission skill.    2. Armstech  The same classes Buy SWTOR Credits make use of Armstech when they do Armortech. Non force users will be capable of create cannons, pistols, and rifles for private use or sale. The materials and compounds with this skill are acquired through Scavenging and also the mission skill, Investigation.  

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