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SCADA Cyber Security

Find out the SOC Cyber Security at Steppa. Our SOC contains several capabilities like process and break down any PC translated information, asses and distinguish suspicious and malicious web and system activities, visualise all dangers in real time.




With the advanced of technology and the connectivity of hardware systems to the In

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Managed IT Services  Steppa

Find out the Cyber Security Services, Cloud Services or Managed It Services at Steppa. Steppa furnishes associations with a more understanding comprehension of the danger scene so they’re more compelling in thwarting assaults and decreasing danger.


Intrusions Activities:

This data has information on large-scale scanners’ activities a

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Cyber Security Services | Steppa

Steppa CSaaS (Cyber Security as a Service): Sometimes security is expensive. Therefore, enjoy our on-demand cyber security service; Steppa CSaaS.




Would you like to develop a new cyber security solution or capability and are not sure how to start? You might not have a security professional in your organisation, with Steppa, no need

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Cyber Training, It Security Training | Steppa

Clearly, the need to reduce your organization’s security risk, while enhancing your employee and business effectiveness, is highly recommended. Therefore, has built more than fifty interactive training modules. Such modules are based on ten years of experience in teaching. Everything is tailored to your organization and employee requirements.


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SOC Cyber Security

SOC IT Security | Steppa    


Our Steppa SOC (Security Operation Center) has several capabilities: 1) process and analyze any computer-interpreted data; 2) assess and detect suspicious and malicious Internet and network activities; 3) visualize all threats in real-time via dynamic dashboard.

Our SOC is able to provide business intellige

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Cyber Security Training

Join the Steppa cybersecurity training and education program to learn more about Cyber Security, IT Security and to give more security to your organization and company from cyber threats and computer attacks.


Let’s assume you’ve built the most secure system in the world for your organization. Now, regardless of how technologically secure you ar

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ICS Monitor - SCADA Cyber Security

With the advanced of technology and the connectivity of hardware systems to the Internet, Industrial control system (ICS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems are being increasingly targeted by hackers. In addition to factories, such systems run critical infrastructure like nuclear and power plants, water treatment systems,

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