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Are silicone dab rig, silicone bongs, and silicone pipes-safe to smoke?

posted by thedailysesh on Nov 11, 2018
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The glass is the most used material for making dab rigs, bongs and pipes. However, anything made from glass demands extra care. You cannot mishandle a glass dab rig. No smoker wants to see his device shattered in pieces. However, accidents happen.         This vulnerability of glass dab rig has created a decent space for silicone dab rigs and silicone bongs. Many smokers have switched to devices made from silicone. However, there are many smokers still preferring glass. Just like glass, there are pros and cons of silicone. A silicone rig is unbreakable. Therefore, it can be a travel companion. You can simply fold and store it away. Moreover, a smoking instrument made from silicone is dishwasher safe and also very easy to clean.  

Is silicone safe?Yes, it is. However, make sure that you are buying from a reputed silicone dab rig online store. There are some stores selling low-quality silicone pieces at dirt cheap prices. Silicone is a material with a high melting point. It can easily withstand high temperatures. A device made from high-quality silicone does not deform even when heated up to 600° F. Water boils at 212° F. Clearly it is a durable material. However, the direct flame can damage your piece.  

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