These error messages are specially meant for error codes which are displayed when you have connectivity issues.

  1. Error code 14 This code means failure to connect to the wireless network.
  2. For Error code 14.40 or 14.41 This code means that incorrect password has been used for the network.
  3. If you see Error code 14.20 This code refers to the signal strength. If you get this code, ensure that the signal strength is adequate, by restarting your router and the Roku device.
  4. Error code 14.30 Restart both the router and the Roku device, if you see this code.
  5. For Error code 14.50 This is similar to code 14.30. Restart both the router and the Roku device, if you see this code.
  6. Error code 009 This code means that you are connected to the router, but you are not able to connect to the Internet.

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