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The cause of this is a gradual loss of

posted by thrustpad2018 on May 14, 2018
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It is not to be assumed that up to this period the engine gradually increases in power, but that a higher Plain bearing power can be obtained from an engine after being well run in than when it is new.

When loss of power is experienced, to ascertain if it is due to loss of compression, the engine should be turned round slowly, with the switch off, and if the resistance on the compression stroke is not what it was when the engine was new, it is clear that there is a leakage somewhere, and the exhaust valve should then be examined as mentioned. Possibly only one or two of the valves are at fault, so the compression in each cylinder in turn should be tested in this way. If smooth and bright all round, the valve is in good order.

 These two surfaces must be absolutely true and smooth so as to prevent any gas leakages when the valve is closed by the valve spring.

At the outset the bearings are tight and the bearing surfaces comparatively rough, and it is not until the engine has run some months that the highest power is developed.It is often assumed that when an engine is new it gives its maximum power, but in actuality this is not the case. The cause of this is a gradual loss of compression, chiefly owing to the burning away or pitting of the valves and their seats, the remedy for which is regrinding.

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