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Up to now an air bearing device that slides

posted by thrustpad2018 on Apr 11, 2018
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  V. Lams company represented a robot called the HapticMASTER from Netherlands-based Moog FCS B.It generates a sensation of contact with physical objects.

  Most people who have suffered a stroke find reaching out very difficult to do unless the arm is fully supported. The video interface Feedback provides a realistic feel to the objects in the virtual environment., and Lam suggested that perhaps the robot could replace a real table with a virtual one for the benefit of stroke victims. Up to now an air bearing device that slides over a large table has been used, but this is a clumsy solution.

  . Over time, the robot can be set to to allow the patient to control more and more of the weight of his arm, until he can deal with the real weight of the arm as he explores the work space. The combination of the Biodex chair and the HapticMASTER high speed bearing robot created the new ACT3D system.The built-in interface, which supports the hand and forearm, is connected to a gimble, which is attached to a special load cell. The robot processes 3-D information, allowing subjects to see their arm and the virtual objects in space.


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