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Traveler Touch Points in the Travel Industry

Touch points is any encounter between the customers and the Travel Agency or Agent where customers and business engage to exchange information, provide service, or handle transactions.

Travelomatix is an award-winning travel technology platform, enabling the travel agencies, tour operators and holiday companies to leverage the key benefits of OTA platform. Travelomatix as a brand, is identified by improved ROI for customers while leveraging using the "Travelomatix technology" and superb client servicing, leading to customer retention and customer base expansion.

Travel Agent

The Travel Agency should capitalize the marketing Strategy on customer “touch points”These are the moments that shape you thinking and the moments when decisions are made. The touch point Stages and moments in the Travel domain are:

  1. Dreaming - The stage where travelers are thrilled or motivated by any information which leads them to wanting to have a dream vacation.

  2. Planning - When th

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